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If your looking for the new Series of ToxicFab Welding Cups please Visit my new website


Billet Stock Replacement Manifold!

 the first of its kind, the Billet Stock Replacement manifold is here! Interested in ordering? Please Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ToxicFab Billet Merge Collector!

 ToxicFab ahead of the game introducing the first evo manifold to ever utilize this technology!

 More Info coming soon!




ToxicFab #15 Welding Cup/Lens!

So for over 3 years I have played around with designing and building my own welding cups, and a ton of different defuser methods. Well I'm excited to announce I've designed a super short and compact gas lens and cup set up that provides better gas coverage, further tungsten stick out, and of course welding accessibility in tight spots then any other I've tried. This is not a "monster" gas lens, this is a stubby, all around cup that provides over double the coverage then that of a #12 cup on a large diameter gas lens. Production has began and the ETA of the first batch of 100 units is roughly 8-10 weeks out. Pricing and more information coming soon... 

HTP 221 TIG Welder!

Over the next few months I'll be working with HTP America in some extensive testing on the HTP Invertig 221 Tig welder. I will be doing a review on the benefits of this welder over the other tig welders in its class. ive been welding daily and pushing it for just shy of a month now. So far my initial impression is "this is a welder that should not be over looked" As many of you may know I've been using miller welders such as the Dynasty 200DX for years and years of precision / production style welding, I love it and have always highly recommended it to others. However seeing the features of the 221, the value, options, and price point have really made me change my mind on the "miller standard" many people like myself have looked at miller as the industry standard, so I decided as I always do to go against the grain and try something new. Paul at HTP has been extremely helpful and quick to response and shows the customer service is second to none, while I can not say the same for miller (in my personal experience) so for those of you thinking I'm bashing miller or talking down on them, I'm not. they have been around for a long time and offer a quality product. My goal is to the show the other options and my personal preference's when choosing the right welder for the job, weather it be industrial use, or for the home hobbyist picking up a torch for the first time. So far I can say this welder is priced right, has loads of both power and features (including some that are only found on welders over triple the price of the Invertig 221. So stay tuned for some more posts and reviews!

Anyone with questions regarding HTP products, pricing, info, or just wondering my thoughts, please send me a Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit the link below



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